Collaborative Space


Collaborative Space is a creative partnership led by artists Jeni McConnell and Hannah Elizabeth Allan.

Since 2009 they have been facilitating a process of enquiry and experimentation to explore the history and function of spaces and objects, reflecting upon the impact these have on individuals engaged in remembrance and forgetting.

Collaborative Space seeks to unearth obscured, unnoticed or ignored narratives connected to the everyday, be that an urban street or object; re imagining and retelling its past, present and questioning the future – connecting people, place and object.

In addition, McConnell and Allan invite visual artists, writers, and performers to contribute to their projects, expanding the frame of reference, and leading to wider mediations on the collaborative process and the nature of creative expression.

Jeni McConnell is a socially engaged artist who explores spaces and places, and their human connections through interactions, interventions and archival forms.