309 Words

Part of a series of works produced for the In Other Words exhibition at Bath Fringe 2013.  Each exploring spoken and written language, shifting the content and meaning of words from the dialectical signifier into the non-language of the archive. Language is transformed through repetition, abstraction and disorder.

A durational writing performance, with documentation of 309 index cards (in browsable box).

Exhibition images courtesy Rowan Lear:

3 rowan lear1 Rowan Lear

Exploring the written word as a durational performance. This piece considered the action of writing as a statement of presence and permanence against death. The piece consists of the writing of each word in Borge’s Library of Babel text onto an individual index card via a typewriter. Having completed the transcription the words were reordered and create a new, nonsensical, narrative to be displayed and browsed by the audience. The creation and destruction of meaning reflects back upon language as action and gesture rather than signifier.

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